You are stewards of visual history.

History that is degrading by the minute.

At Astral Images, our mission is to change that. With our world-class technology, you can now cost-effectively restore the visual assets you hold.

We understand the financial challenges that come with restoration projects, and are pleased to offer film digitization and restoration at half the price of other major studios. 

We do all our work in-house in our Austin, TX facility – and we deliver in days, not weeks. If you are not fully satisfied, we'll do them again – for free. 

Together, let's create an enduring digital record for future generations.


Our team is here to restore, preserve, and protect your legacy – and we’ll be with you every step of the way.
— Dr. Albert Edgar, Chief Architect

National Geographic

A documentary hosted by Max Holland, JFK: The Lost Bullet contained excerpts from restored films processed with Astral ICE. We applied our technology to the original 8mm home movie footage captured by Zapruder, Nix, Bell, Hughes, Dorman, and Towner, successfully removing defects and correcting for color fading and other film issues. National Geographic was extremely pleased with the results of the restorations of these treasured films. 

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