Remonetization potential for studios

Astral Images enables studios to monetize existing content by providing a cost-effective solution that yields unprecedented speed and quality. Our digital restoration uncovers pixels’ original value and brings them up to today's technologies and standards — and protects your images against technological obsolescence in the future. The original image is restored, the creative intent is preserved, and the resulting content is available for future access and distribution.

Astral’s technology is game-changing. Automating and improving the restoration process means we can touch more content at higher quality than ever before.
— Studio Archivist

Dirty Dancing

Astral Images worked with 2G Digital to restore the 1987 classic Dirty Dancing. We processed and scanned the film in-house at 4K using Astral Color ICE's automated technology to remove dust and defects. 

Helping archives and libraries preserve history

Archives, libraries, and museums are stewards of volumes of visual history — and much of it is degrading by the minute. With Astral, they can cost-effectively restore the visual assets they hold — creating an enduring digital record that preserves each image for generations to come. Astral Images understands the financial challenges with restoration projects, and has specifically developed systems that assist institutions in creating ways to fund their digitization and restoration efforts.

We are in the business of protecting a legacy. Astral not only puts us in position to recover and restore that legacy, but also helps us every step of the way.
— Executive Director, Archive


A National Geographic Special hosted by Max Holland titled JFK: The Lost Bullet contained excerpts from restored films processed with Digital ICE. This technology was applied to the various 8mm films from Zapruder, Nix, Bell, Hughes, Dorman, and Towner to remove the defects and correct for color fading and other film issues. The producer was extremely pleased with the results of the restoration of these treasured films. 

Unprecedented efficiency for post-production houses

By automating the digital restoration process, we help post-production houses achieve greater efficiency and deliver more value to their studio partners. Our patented technology removes defects, restores the original image and preserves the creative intent — with none of the cost and error potential of doing it by hand. The result: unmatched quality, efficiency and speed for post-production. 

Astral and their technology make us a critical parter to our customers. The expertise and speed in which they restore footage is truly revolutionary.
— Post-Production Executive


Astral Images provided a leading post-production house with Astral Color ICE technology to aid in the restoration of television specials from the beloved comic strip series Peanuts, including A Charlie Brown ChristmasIt’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, and A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

Accuracy and detail for forensics

Powerful and rapid image restoration is for more than entertainment — law enforcement agencies from across the globe work with Astral to uncover critical clues and evidence. Through the analysis and special processing of images captured from still cameras, surveillance cameras, and even cell phones, we have enabled law enforcement agencies to more accurately identify suspects without changing the image content.

Using Astral’s image correction we’re thawing out cold-cases and shining a light on new evidence.
— Amsterdam Police Department


Our powerful and rapid image restoration is for more than entertainment: we joined forces with Dutch Police authorities to help stabilize a video file in order to help identify an at-large suspect.