Digital image correction and enhancement (Digital ICE®) is our proprietary technology that uses intelligent algorithms to remove defects such as scratches, dust, and lint from film. We hold numerous patents on our state-of-the-art defect correction solutions. Sourced from government-funded labs, IBM, and Kodak, our technology has been licensed by industry leaders and integrated into millions of scanners worldwide. 

Astral Color ICE

Our patented Astral Color ICE technology uses infrared (IR) light along with sophisticated algorithms to detect and remove defects and scratches found on the surface of color film, in complete automation. The original image information is pulled from underneath the defect, resulting in true correction, instead of relying on pixel-fill methods using surrounding or temporal pixels. This true and automatic restoration of the image removes the potential for human error when attempting to correctly identify and eliminate the defects by using pixel-fill or painting-over methods. Our solution for defect correction simplifies the restoration process by reducing the amount of time and labor required to bring the film back to life.

Astral Black ICE

Our patented Astral Black ICE technology detects and removes defects in automation using proprietary intelligent algorithms working in conjunction with a unique light source. Astral Black ICE is the only automated solution in the world that restores the underlying image from beneath the defects at scan-speed which provides a perfect solution for the restoration of black & white film. 

Astral hdr ice

Astral HDR ICE will bring vintage movies and television shows into the UHD domain, carefully preserving the director's creative intent. Our solution reveals and expands the color gamut and dynamic range – lost in previous show releases – while retaining the classic look through proprietary methods. Astral HDR ICE is compliant with displays supporting the new HDR10 media profile.

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Our 4-channel scanning process uses a monochrome sensor to ensure accurate color capture and create a 3048 x 4072 resolution—the equivalent of a 48 megapixel camera. Infrared light captures a detailed record of defects, scratches and dust.

2K/4K/HD/UHD/HDR/Black & White, Color

TAg and search

We can enhance the searchability and accessibility of content by tagging with rich domain-specific, context aware and descriptive metadata. 

Metadata, Localization, Transcoding, Authoring


We create a map of the underlying structure of the media—not just what's visible—our automated single-pass process corrects 99.9% of defects in a way that’s faster and more efficient than pixel fill or dust busting methods—all without modifying the original images.

Dust, Scratches, Large Defects, Tears

long term storage And Monetization

Unlike fragile film stock that continues to decay, the Astral restored and enhanced digital copy can be stored without suffering any degradation for generations to come. Astral offers various options to monetize the digital library, including subscription services customized to each archive.

Cloud Storage, Storage, Access, Multiple Delivery Options


While preserving the creative intent of the images, we use raw information from the scan to enhance the appearance.

Color/Fade Correction, Dynamic Range Enhancement, Noise Suppression, Image Stabilization, Audio Sync


Astral Images has developed working relationships with several funding consultants that can source the funds required to complete archival digitization and restoration projects.

Funding and Remonetization Solutions