Thomas B. Pickens, III

Chief Executive OfficeR

Mr. Pickens was named Astrotech’s Chief Executive Officer in January 2007 and Chairman in February 2008. Mr. Pickens is the Managing Partner and Founder of Tactic Advisors, Inc., a company specializing in corporate turnarounds on behalf of creditors and investors. Since 1985, Mr. Pickens has served as President of T.B. Pickens & Co. From 1991 to 2002, Mr. Pickens was the Chairman of multiple companies, including U.S. Utilities, Inc., Code Corporation, Catalyst Energy Corporation and United Thermal Corporation. Mr. Pickens was also the President of Golden Bear Corporation, Slate Creek Corporation, Eury Dam Corporation, Century Power Corporation and Vidilia Hydroelectric Corporation.

Mr. Pickens has served as a Director since 2004 and became CEO in 2007. Currently, Mr. Pickens communicates management’s perspectives on company strategy, operations and financial results to the Board of Directors. Mr. Pickens has extensive senior management experience, as well as experience as a member of multiple corporate boards.

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